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June Destiny Creator – Nyisha Martin

Rapper/Songwriter, Model & Youth Advocate

This month we had fun catching up with June’s Destiny Creator, female Rapper/Songwriter, Model & Youth Advocate from East London,  Nyisha Martin A.K.A NyNy. She is a member of musical collective CLAP4ME, which stands for ‘Constant Love And Passion 4 Music Entertainment’

She is also a member of The Female Allstars, a collective of 13 female artists from the UK Grime scene, with their latest release “The Switch-Up” proving to be very popular. 

Nyisha also featured in the “Too Many Man” photo-book by Ellie Ramsden, which documents, and celebrates the contribution of talented women in the grime scene.

We hope you enjoy reading the interview and welcome any feedback, share with your friends and loved ones.

~ Destiny Creator Interview ~

1. Who is Nyisha, what do you stand for?

Nyisha: NyNy has a passion for music and loves to express this through her soulful singing and songwriting but also has an alto ego called YnYn. YnYn is the manga-fied, other side to NyNy, she is the rapper with the unorthodox flows and lyrical content.

 2. What inspired you to get into music.

Nyisha: Music is in my soul. Ever since I can remember I loved music, always used to be singing and trying to rap with my family. I definitely come from a musical family so that’s my biggest inspiration. I remember I think from around the age of 5 I used to rinse them old school reggae sting videos. Dancing, singing and rapping that has been me from day one.

3. So on the 31 May you released a solo project called 100 Shot. Tell us about it, what is the message behind the track?

Nyisha: The message behind 100 Shot is that NyNy is here. 100 Shot is a demonstration of what I can do. Fire bars, style, flow and content mixed with the uniqueness of Empress Yn created 100 Shot.

 “100 Shot”, was produced by Raggzpro and is available on all digital platforms now.

4. What’s it like to be in a music collective?

Nyisha: I love it! Being a member of two I’ve had so many special moments with the members of our collective, its nice coming together and creating art. The way we feed off of each others energy is crazy lol. You become really close with the people in your collective its a beautiful thing, we have our ups and downs but the synergy and connection is always there.

5. What keeps you motivated in a male dominated industry?

Nyisha: Music is my passion, it doesn’t matter about gender to me. I know I’m talented so expressing and sharing my talent is what I love to do most. Knowing that my music reaches people and that people feel my art means the most to me and it definitely pushes me and keeps me motivated.

6. Were there any barriers that you felt during your journey, that prevented you from speaking about those challenges

Nyisha: There have been a lot of challenges which I have not shared publicly during my music journey. Some of the key barriers I have faced personally, have been as a result of limited access to childcare, low on funds and personal issues. These things began to affect my ability to create, even causing writers block for a long time due. But regardless, I never let it stop me from performing, going to sets, or going to shows, I always keep going and working that’s just me.

7. How have you overcome these challenges, and aligned your motivation to create your own destiny?

Nyisha: In this industry there’s always a lot of challenges that you will face, but the way I deal with it is by spending time with family and close friends. Sometimes you have to take yourself out of the music bubble and do other stuff that make you happy. For example for me it’s spending time with my children, dancing, modelling, having a laugh and deep conversations with family and friends, going out sometimes, balance is key. I’m still working on finding a perfect balance, but how I’m doing things now seems to be working for me because my motivation to create and express music is apart of me so I will always want to do it.

8. If you could write to your past self, with any advice to your future self what key things would you want yourself to know, with what you have experienced and grown through?

Nyisha: Self love is key. Always be yourself, embrace every flaw and every great thing and walk in that Empress Energy! Keep that knowledge up, eyes open and enjoy life the best you can.

9. What can we see Nyisha doing next?

Nyisha: You can expect NyNy/YnYn to always stay true to NyNy and always keeping that element of surprise. Plus I am working on a very important project to elevate the next generation in my local area.

10. So where can we see you performing next?

Nyisha: To celebrate the release of 100 Shot On Sunday 16 June at The Lighthouse Bar & Club, Mutivili Promotions will be hosting a night of dope live entertainment, fun networking, plus an exclusive preview screening of my soon to be released music video 100 Shot produced by Fortune Favours TV.

It’s free to attend, all you need to do is RSVP so we know that your coming along.

To find out more about Nyisha you can visit connect with her on social media @nyny_artist

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