Who are Amour Destiné?

Amour Destiné which in French means “Love your Destiny”, is an organisation that aims to Unite, Inspire, and Empower women and girls to create their own destiny and succeed in the UK and abroad.

Amour Destine is committed to bringing alive this vision, as we are extremely passionate about the essential need, for a bridge between the services available to those who have reached a stage in their life journey, whereby they want to embrace their challenges to create their own destiny.  

We aim to achieve this by growing a family environment for them to work towards building the lives they desire, through delivering events and educational workshops led by inspiring women and girls, who can help them to develop the confidence and self-belief to push forward to live out their ambitions and succeed.

Annie Gibbs graduated with a Combined Honours LLB Law with Psychology degree, from London Southbank University and has 14 years’ experience working with both the corporate and charitable sector executing successful events, workshops and communications.

Being a previously looked after person, having lost her mother at the age of 8 years old to HIV. She knows first hand, and fully understands how stigma and prejudice creates barriers for individuals towards achieving in life. This drives her passion to create better solutions for our society, that prevent/reduce emotional hardship and empower individuals personal growth/financial sustainability in the UK and abroad.    

Annie has a deep desire to enable others to unlock the understanding that they create change, it exists within each person. Realising this for herself, she lives to enable others to identify those capabilities in order that they too can create positive changes using our 3 key pillars: Unite, Inspire and Empower. 

When you become a part of the Amour Destine family you can expect to network with likeminded people, get the help you need and know that you are definitely NOT alone.

Since launching Amour Destiné has evolved from networking events to mentoring workshops. Annie is passionate about advocating for there to be improved quality and access of personal development and wellbeing services for women and girls worldwide.

You can contact Annie by emailing annie@amourdestine.org.uk