Amour Destiné Advice Service

The Amour Destine Advice Service is a free virtual service designed to assist you with advice on various problems with minimal fuss.

The Advice Service might be able to help you with problems about:

* benefits
* debt
* discrimination
* employment rights
* family 
* health or social care
* housing and homelessness

Whilst the Advice Service is not a law firm and we are not to be regarded as the services of practising lawyers as it is not regulated by the SRA, only experienced qualified UK lawyers and lawyers to be offer you advice.

The Advice Service is available every other Saturday. Booking is required and opens 7 days before every clinic.

Dates for our Destiny Creator Clinic are available on our upcoming events calendar.

If you have any questions not found in this form that you would like to ask us, we would love to hear from you, get in touch by emailing: