She Inspires Me

~ Fundraising Event ~

The She Inspires Me Event aims to Inspire, Unite & Empower Females. By providing the opportunity for females to Network in Relaxed & Social Environments. Where they look forward to Live Entertainment, Fashion Showcases, Guest speakers and an after Party with a guest DJ.

Why are we fundraising?

There are 2 strands to Amour Destine’s fundraising efforts.

1.Women In2 Business Mentoring Program (WI2BMP) – The “Women In2 Business Mentoring” Program offers help, support and guidance for marginalised women considering or starting a business/service and facilitates tailored business connections.

“The Women In2 Business Mentoring” program delivered by Amour Destine, empowers, motivates and unites women to recognise their destiny. We are passionate about helping women that have overcome various challenges as a result of stressful life events which can include (but not limited to) domestic abuse, immigration, separation, bereavement and more.

How the program works ?

We deliver tailored workshops and events led by inspiring women who can help to build women’s confidence and self-belief to push forward to live out their ambitions and succeed.

Women are enrolled onto the program for the duration of 12 months, where they will access skills-building, business planning, IT training, social media workshops and more. To further enhance the success of the women’s business ideas and fulfilling their destiny, each will be assigned to a one-to-one mentor and where necessary, signposted to additional training opportunities such as internships. Whilst enrolled, it might be possible for women to access our support fund.


2. Get Registered & Open a space – in 2018 our goal is to register our organisation with the Charity Commission as a charity, in order to achieve this we are required not only to demonstrate we are benefiting the community that also we are sustainable.

In 2017 we helped a number of women achieve their dreams and in 2018 our plan is to help a lot more by opening our space to provide women with a place so that they can hold professional meetings with clients, hold launch events, we can deliver our workshops and a dedicated place to film and help the women to create visuals that will enhance better understanding of their services/businesses to reach their intended markets, but in order to achieve this we do need funds.