Destiny Creator Mentoring Workshops

Amour Destine offers free Destiny Creator Mentoring workshops, led by inspiring women and girls who can help them to build confidence and self-belief to push forward to live out their ambitions and succeed.

You have created opportunity for me to work and build partnerships with like minded females. This has enabled me to move forward with my ideas confidently knowing they are of value to others.

Females are enrolled onto the program for the duration of 12 months, where they will access skills-building, business planning, IT training, social media workshops and more.

To further enhance the success of their business ideas and fulfilling their destiny, each will be assigned to a one-to-one mentor and where necessary, signposted to additional training opportunities such as internships.

60% of the women told us on our 2019 Survey that our mentoring service was beneficial.

To find out more about our mentoring sessions get in touch by emailing