Who are Amour Destiné?

Amour Destiné, French for Love your Destiny“, is a community interest company that aims to improve the socioeconomic status of women born of African & Caribbean heritage in the UK.

We aim to achieve this by helping women affected by, but not limited to traumatic care experiences, domestic abuse & sexual violence work towards building the lives they desire.  

By accessing advocacy support from Amour Destiné, women are able to address the various challenges they may be facing such as no recourse to public funds, family law access and mediation. We also provide a one-to-one and group educational mentoring workshops led by inspiring women and girls.  Amour Destiné helps women develop confidence and self-belief which will enable and encourage them to live out their ambitions to succeed in life.

We also work collaboratively with local groups, organisations and individuals to address social economic issues affecting the quality of women’s lives

Amour Destiné provides the platform which has united and inspired many to connect, collaborate, exchange resourcesand empowered some to test their business ideas through our partners events & workshops.

Annie Gibbs graduated with a Combined Honours LLB Law with Psychology degree, from London Southbank University and has 14 years’ experience working with both the corporate and charitable sector executing successful events, workshops and communications.

Amour Destiné was formed as a result of losing her mother at the age of 8 years old, as well as the experience of learning to push past her own challenges in life growing through the UK care system. Wanting to create a support service for women born of African & Caribbean heritage to break through barriers and to build on her late mother’s legacy. It had bothered her throughout life when thinking about the struggles her mother faced during childhood, being passed from service to service because of her Malian heritage, having encountered language barriers because she could not speak English.  With her mother having no family in the UK .  She was a survivor of domestic abuse and did not have a supportive network to fall on. She remembers her struggles and having only one or two friends. 

Her ambition and desire had always been to make a difference in the lives of women born of African & Caribbean heritage surviving abuse. Her current frustrations now is to find that the difficulties her mother faced in the past are still existent in the 21stcentury.  It is her mission therefore, to ensure that any woman who reaches out to our service does not feel isolated and unsupported like her mother did.  In addition, it is her desire to make knowledge and information accessible to all women who reach out to Amour Destiné. The Amour Destiné platform provides services to equip and empower women succeed to overcome obstacles that life throws at them.  To all black women, Amour Destiné says, “Your Chapter does not end there” and that “You own the rights to create your own destiny”.  

You own the rights to create your own destiny!

Since launching Amour Destiné has evolved from networking events to mentoring workshops. Annie is passionate about advocating for there to be improved quality and access of personal development and wellbeing services for women and girls worldwide.

You can contact Annie by emailing annie@amourdestine.org.uk