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Advocacy Clinic

The Amour Destiné Advocacy Clinic is a free service designed to support you with an array of challenges.

We will help assign you to organisations that can help you with the following:

  • family
  • Immigration
  • housing and homelessness

Depending on your needs, our advocacy service will also; liaise with organisations on your behalf, arrange and facilitate mediations and help you communicate effectively during meetings to find solutions to your problem.

The Advocacy Clinic is open for new clients to book a one-hour initial assessment. The clinic is available every other Saturday and open to referrals from organisations. 

Booking is required and can be done by completing our referral form. 

"Amour Destiné has had a huge impact on the Kidbrooke community. They have helped a lot of people and they go out of their way to help others without any judgment. As a woman, I am so happy that a charity directed at helping women Is operating in my community. It gives me hope."
"Annie is the kindest person. She has supported one of my clients at Hestia who is a victim of human trafficking and an asylum seeker. Annie has provided incredible support for this lady - helping her to seek advice when needed and to engage in various programmes. Annie has helped her to laugh again and has given her hope when she felt as though none was left."
"I met Annie through my work supporting victims/survivors of trafficking and modern slavery. I only worked with her for a short time, but quickly saw how much of an impact she had on the lives of women affected by domestic abuse, sexual violence and socio-economic disadvantage. Working with other inspiring female leaders with similar backgrounds/experiences, she worked tirelessly and selflessly to empower women to recognise their strengths and to rebuild their own lives one small step at a time. Her trauma-informed and person-centred approach has stuck with me ever since."

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