A photograph of Shannie

Episode 10: Imperfection is great!

This episode of the Destiny Creators Podcast we’re joined by Shanice Mears, an inspiring successful young female co-founder of the Elephant Room Advertising company, Dance Teacher, and Kingston University Lecturer. We talk about the importance of spending time with family, becoming a successful advertising specialist, saying no to maintain a healthy life balance, mental health … Read more

A photograph of Lillian

Episode 9: You are stronger than you know!

This episode of the Destiny Creators Podcast I am joined by the super humble and beautiful soul that is Lillian Ogbogoh. We had a great discussion about challenging the strong black female stereotype that causes many black females to not speak openly about their challenges with mental health & accepting support from those that care, … Read more

A photograph of Shikayla

Episode 8: Always be you!

This episode of the Destiny Creators Podcast we were joined by Shikayla Nadine, an inspiring, successful, young creative entrepreneur. You can expect some real talk discussions about relationships, mental health; her journey to becoming a successful Artist Manager in the music industry; and the importance of always having confidence in yourself. That no matter what … Read more

A photograph of Ronke

Episode 7: Focus on your Purpose

This episode of the #DestinyCreators Podcast I caught up with the inspirational, role model & founder of Ariatu Public Relations , Ronke Lawal for a lovely discussion about focusing on your purpose. Ronke is a PR & Communications guru, public speaker & thought leader. Along with her successful business she is engaged in a number … Read more

A photograph of Penny.

Episode 6: Peace is so available

Joining me for a discussion about the effects of & overcoming unresolved trauma will be Penny Jarrett.  Penny is a female writer, mentor, wellness coach, speaker & mental health advocate.  You can connect with Penny on social media @pennybelle or visit her website If anyone listening particularly that might be experiencing challenges with your Mental … Read more

A photograph of Angela.

Episode 5: Light at the end of the tunnel

It’s carers week and so we wanted to shine a light on the experience of an inspiring Young carer Angela Awuah. Who has been faced with and overcome many challenging moments as carer. Angela has a combined passion for mental health amongst young people – informed by her experience as a young carer for a … Read more

A photograph of Thandie

Episode 4: Just be braver!

Showing up and being truly present for ourselves requires us to be brave at times. Some of our most courageous moments in life have the power to push us into stages of growth and fulfilment. So what are the things which might be stopping you from taking those steps that are in need of your … Read more

A photograph of Vanessa

Episode 3: Pushing past fear

The more you progress past limiting beliefs and stop allowing fear to get in the way of your future. You open the door for you to soar in this journey called life sis. Yes it can be hard when we are faced with the unexpected obstacles of life. But you have the ability to overcome. … Read more

A photograph of Charm

Episode 2: Building a healthy relationship with self

As we live in a society that sets standards on who we are supposed to be. Sometimes prioritising what is best for ourselves can be challenging. That’s why building a healthy relationship with self, is so important. But how do we go about owning and setting the values you want for yourself in all areas … Read more

Illustration of a black women listening to the podcast epidsode

Episode 1: Embrace your now!

So sis that light bulb moment you have been waiting for your entire life can been tapped into within those amazing qualities you possess and so freely sow into others – Embrace YOU now! Have a listen as we start our Destiny Creator Podcast Journey. Listen to Episode 1: Embrace your now!