2019 Destiny Creator Tribute! – Assitan Haidara-Gibbs

The first year to be posting this on this platform but a huge step of progress for me (Annie Gibbs, Founder) personally. Instead of releasing Destiny Creator e-news I wish to dedicate the final #DestinyCreator of 2019 to celebrate my late mother’s life. As the reason I created Amour Destiné was to help women, so they never felt isolated or alone after experiencing life challenges. Such as, but not limited to poor mental health, bereavement, domestic abuse, leaving care, barriers due to immigration etc…… so that they could feel supported and encouraged to rebuild positive futures for themselves. In legacy to my late mother. Who is a TRUE Empress. It’s also her birthday today!

Going into the new decade I want you all to know that no matter what is waiting ahead for you. You got this. If she could keep fighting until the end, battling HIV – contracted from bad blood that was intended to save her life after a car crash. An illness during a time that medicine was not so advanced. Whilst surviving domestic abuse and losing her children to the care system. As she was not going to live this was the only option for us. Please be encouraged. You can achieve so much as long as your heart is still beating, there is always hope!

If anyone wants to ever speak to me, please feel free to contact me. Those who know me, know I’m a very humble caring person. With a lot of love. If I don’t have the resources to help you. I will always know someone that might. Be encouraged. You are purpose!

Let 2020 breath nothing but life into all areas of your life. In the words of Burna Boy “Destiny, can’t touch my / your destiny”.

Annie Gibbs

Founder of Amour Destiné

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