7 Day Art Challenge

Art can be very helpful to focus the mind and improve a healthy wellbeing practice. So in the spirit of diving ever more deeply into our own unique self. We have created a 7 day art challenge that anyone of any age can try. To create a small series of paintings or drawings and (Whatever you find works best for you, try that) i’ll be doing it too of course. 

You can use the helpful prompts that I have created to inspire your art each day; it makes a huge difference when you start with some kind of specific intention to focus on.

The idea is that we create cohesive art that reflects something of our true souls.

We would love to see your creations. Please do send them to us by either email to info@amourdestine.org.uk or tag us on social media @amourdestine across all platforms and use #7DayArtChallenge so we can see all your awesomeness.

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