Body Image – How we feel & think about our bodies

Body Image

How we feel and think about our bodies

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week from 13-19 May 2019, an important reminder to take the time to think about wellbeing and seek advice or support on managing life challenges.

Mental health comes in many different forms and does not discriminate with who it may affect. I think we have all, at some stage in our life been affected by mental health, in some capacity. For some it might be personally, whilst for others being as a result of a family member being affected by mental health.

This years Mental Health Awareness campaign is focused on the topic of body image – how we feel and think about our bodies. In a society that is heavily focused on image, it’s important to us that your personal self is a priority and well looked after. We are pleased that this topic is being openly discussed on a national level, and hope that it enables many who might feel under pressure to live up to unrealistic standards of how we should look and behave. To realise that you are beautiful, that you have been created to be your own unique being of greatness, and that you have the power to define your own standards!

We encourage you all to find what works best for you, to manage your wellbeing. There are some great resources available via the  Mental Health Foundation website. That we have found particularly useful.

So in support of promoting healthy wellness, we share in this months Destiny Creators Newsletter a handful of positive Health and Lifestyle choices that we have come across. All curated, of course by a female. That we think you might find helpful knowing about, we hope that you might learn something new to consider or feel inspired to share with someone who may benefit, plus some inspirational insights from May’s Destiny Creator interview.

Love & Light 

Annie Gibbs

Amour Destiné Founder

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