May Destiny Creator – Shirina Carstens

Mental Health Awarenesses Advocate

We are super excited to reveal May’s Destiny Creator Shirina Carstens to you. She is an International speaker, advocate for adversity and the challenges that life presents to us. She creates solutions to enable those in need of developing coping mechanisms to help you to overcome, particularly for young people, and women.

A force to be reckoned with, though small in stature Shirina sure makes up for it through the power and conviction she brings through her talks. Shirina has been delivering motivational, inspiring and informative talks for a number of years. Working within professional environments, schools, and organisations. Her conviction, energy and rawness is the thing that is always remembered.

We are grateful to her, for being so open in this interview and we hope that by learning about her story, it offers you some comfort. That you understand you are not alone in your experience, and that it inspires you to keep pursuing your dreams. Even if you take some time away from your craft, or choose a different route to navigate towards your calling, that’s ok. As Shirina demonstrates, you can overcome and succeed, as:

“There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honour your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

You are greatness and created with purpose.

~ Destiny Creator Interview ~


1. Who is Shirina, what do you stand for and has this contributed to the work that you do?

Shirina: Shirina stands for self love, Cultivating, growing and having fun. Everything I do now is because of the journey I have been on and the work that I do.

2. What inspired you to start sharing your story and help empower others in the process, by teaching the power and practice in self care?

Shirina: It was actually an accident. The first time was helping inspire people who had Vitiligo that were not confident enough in their own skin. Then 7 years ago I fell into mental health. Once I got better I decided to share, by way of my theatre company at the time. I did not expect that after that, people would take continuous inspiration from it.

3. Have any members of your household/family/friends been affected by mental health and how has this impacted on you?

Shirina: Yes, a few members of my family and friends have. Mostly the impact has been the sacrifice of my own life. At times, when i have needed to be available to help them. But otherwise, it has taught me how to be more empathetic towards the things that I wasn’t aware of, such as depression, suicide, coping mechanisms etc….

4. Has your mental health been affected, if so how has it impacted your life?

Shirina: Yes, once. I’m way more aware and alert to things that may potentially be a trigger. I know exactly how much I can cope with now. I know when to give myself a break, and not feel bad, but equally ask for help when I need it.

5. What has support been like from family/friends during those challenges, and have your challenges had any impact on other members of the household/family/friends?

Shirina: The support at the time was great. Friends and family came together and were there every step of the way.

6. Were there any barriers that you felt during your journey, that prevented you from speaking about those challenges?

Shirina: Yes, at first the fear of being judged. The mental health topic was once taboo, so it was deemed that you were weird. But once I overcame, I didn’t care anymore. You then realise that there are more people like you than you had thought.

7. How have you overcome these challenges, and aligned your motivation to create your own destiny?

Shirina: By understanding that each of us has our own journey, and everything you go through is nesscessary. People will judge you regardless, even when your seemingly perfect – so you better do it anyway!

My motivation was that I realised I could have the life I always wanted. The fact I was at rock bottom, I realised that the only way was up.

8. Do you think there are any positive outcomes from your experience?

Shirina: Yes, if I didn’t go through this I wouldn’t be who I am now. I would grace the opportunity to be a mother and be there for my daughter. I learnt who I am at my worst, so I look forward to seeing who I am in my best.

9. If you could write to your past self, with any advice to your future self what key things would you want yourself to know, with what you have experienced and grown through?

Shirina: Be fearless, anything you want to do, do it. Listen to the wisdom around you. Money doesn’t make you rich, your network does. Don’t place your happiness in THINGS, you can always loose things.

10. What can we see Shirina doing next?

Shirina: I will be building krieit network for entrepreneurs to build, grow, learn, develop and network. I will also have a few other projects on the go, as well as continue speaking on a international level. There are many rooms that are yet to see shirina.

To find out more about Shirina you can visit her website  or  connect on social media @shirinac_

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