When we rise!

We must always celebrate!

This months e-news I would like to keep short, sweet and to take the opportunity to encourage you all to celebrate yourself. No matter the achievement, I want you to know that any form of growth deserves to be celebrated. From the soil to the soul, it’s fundamental that we cultivate being present when gardening and cherishing every aspect of the process from digging to planting.

We celebrate you and we want to inspire you to activate the spirit of celebration in the lives of your sisters, When we rise, we must always celebrate too!It could be a message of congratulations for completing something you know that they find challenging but didn’t give up on finishing, a call to acknowledge they are in mind, a photo share of their accomplishment or just simply by showing up and telling them I’m proud of you sis! No man/women is an island and as humans beings we need love. 

So in support of promoting the rise, we share in this months Destiny Creators Newsletter a handful of positive Health and Lifestyle choices that we wish to celebrate. All of which have been curated, of course by a female. That we think you might find helpful knowing about, we hope that you might learn something new to consider or feel inspired to share with someone who may benefit, plus some inspirational insights from June’s Destiny Creator interview.

Love & Light

Annie Gibbs

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