April Destiny Creator – Charm Lawrence

Positive Relationship Coach & Self love Activist.

We have been itching to celebrate and share with you the wonderful empress that is Charm Lawrence as Amour Destiné’s April Destiny Creator to watch! 

We recently caught up with her, and had an insightful discussion. All about her personal journey of building a healthy relationship with self. And finding out about how she has used her lived experience to activate the practice of self love in the lives of others. 

Charm is a Positive Relationship Coach and supports women in developing their relationship with self in order to build and maintain relationships with others.

Charm also facilitates workplace training and private self-improvement workshops as well as delivers confidence and achievement coaching. 

Charm’s inspiring blog on surviving separation won the hearts of many, and sparked much life changing activity in the lives of women around the country. By teaching them how to build confidence, resilience and use it to aid their success. It’s no surprise to us that she has by request since ghostwritten for many who have struggled to express their journey via text.

We are in awe of this phenomenal female, and hope that by learning about her story. That it will ignite in you a force of love, and light! 

You can connect with charm on social media @lovefromcharm or visit her website

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