A photograph of Thandie

Episode 4: Just be braver!

Showing up and being truly present for ourselves requires us to be brave at times. Some of our most courageous moments in life have the power to push us into stages of growth and fulfilment. So what are the things which might be stopping you from taking those steps that are in need of your … Read more

Embrace your now!

As we live in a society that sets standards on who we are supposed to be. Sometimes prioritising what is best for ourselves can be challenging. That’s why building a healthy relationship with self, is so important. In order that we might be able to live more presently. But how do we go about owning and setting the … Read more

April Destiny Creator – Charm Lawrence

Positive Relationship Coach & Self love Activist. We have been itching to celebrate and share with you the wonderful empress that is Charm Lawrence as Amour Destiné’s April Destiny Creator to watch!  We recently caught up with her, and had an insightful discussion. All about her personal journey of building a healthy relationship with self. And finding out about how she has … Read more