Embrace your now!

As we live in a society that sets standards on who we are supposed to be. Sometimes prioritising what is best for ourselves can be challenging. That’s why building a healthy relationship with self, is so important.

In order that we might be able to live more presently. But how do we go about owning and setting the values you want for yourself? Some might say. A question that I have personally asked myself countless times over. This quest for the answers continues. However, what I have come to learn for sure through my own journey of life so far, is that this can only be truly achieved when you Embrace your now! 

Embracing your now, may be different to how I meet my own needs. As these are dependent on how deeply I am able to understand and meet myself to love me. To choose me! But there is one reality that is never changing about you and I. That is, that every choice made to Embrace your now, starts and ends only with you! I can’t make these choices for you, just as much as you cannot make them for me too. You owe it to yourself, to live your ultimate truth. To walk in your purpose. Not for anyone else. But for you! 

So in this issue of the Destiny Creators E-news, I have pulled together some inspiration for anyone that is seeking to embrace learning/re-learning how to build and maintain a healthy relationship with self. You will find them through stories shared on our new Destiny Creators Podcast series and details about some inspiring female led businesses that are aimed at helping you to Embrace your now, implement and maintain healthy self love daily! 

We’re always happy to hear from you too, so if you have any questions about the content we share or if you would like to feature either email us or reach out to us on social media @amourdestine across all platforms. 

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Love & Light 

Annie Gibbs

Amour Destiné Founder

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